Hotel Napsugár*** Hévíz | 8380 Hévíz, Tavirózsa u. 3-5. | +36 83 340-472 |
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Hotel Napsugár Hévíz


Hotel Napsugár welcomes those who want to relax with its comfortable apartments. If you want to spend your well-deserved rest in a quiet, calm, family hotel, then Napsugár Hotel Hévíz is the right choice. Hévíz is the city of the four seasons: the lake shows a different face every month, and we will be partners in it so that you can discover it all. Slow down in this fast-paced world, visit us!

One-Room Apartment

All of our one-room apartments are equipped with a kitchenette, and you can choose from our rooms with showers or bathtubs. The equipment also includes a flat-screen TV, unlimited Wi-Fi Internet access, and a terrace or balcony.

One and a half room apartment

Our apartments with one and a half rooms can comfortably accommodate up to 4 people thanks to the separate bedroom.
Each of the apartments has a kitchenette, and you can choose a version with a shower or even a bathtub. The equipment includes a flat-screen TV and unlimited Wi-Fi internet access, as well as a terrace or balcony.

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